Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Generation "undeserved"?

I had an hour long discussion with my 12 year-old tonight.  She is about to finish seventh grade and it was so interesting and enlightening to talk to her about the "state of her world".  She was a little bit angry and I agree with her.

She wanted to know why everyone thinks that her generation is "lazy and entitled".  Because she is not. 

She works so hard in school.   She wants a job NOW.  She plays three sports but still has time to make her bed every day and clean her bathroom.  Why are all these kids lumped together with generation "lazy"?

It has NOTHING to do with the kids, it has everything to do with the parents.  I had a friend post a link yesterday about how parents should not pay for their kids' college educations.  The gist of the article was very well-intentioned and I understood it, but the entire point was that kids that had to pay themselves were hard workers and kids that were given their tuition were lazy.  I plan on teaching my kids the value of hard work and money BEFORE they go to college, not with them being $200K in debt. 

I know this because I just finished paying off my education at the age of 39.  And I don't have a formal job.  I hope to raise kids that can understand how to manage finances and choose a good career, without having to start out life with the stress of major debt.

Teach your kids manners and responsibility.  From the moment they can talk, have them talk to adults!  Stop putting words in their mouths and let them speak.  They have opinions...and if they are rude please call them on it!

This generation is amazing.  My ten year old son has done more with coding and animation software than I can even understand.  They are self sufficient, polite and independent children.  One spends her time with sports, the other is on the computer most of his life.  But somehow he is still a super social, kind and interesting kid.  If you read most articles on kids these days, that qualifies him to be a future serial killer.


It's not the end of the world, people.  This generation is doing just fine, it's the parents that need a wake up call.