Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Cheaters Galore

Disclaimer:  Sophia has played against several kids that were honest and classy competitors.  And for the record, I have told the coaches and/or parents each time how impressed I was with them. 

I really like to think the best about people.  I don't want to judge parents by the behavior of their kids and I would like to think that kids are inherently good.  But if I use the middle school golf matches as my baseline, I am losing all faith in humanity.


It is crazy.  Out of the seven matches Sophia has played in, kids were obvious cheaters in six of them.  And in the one where the other team did not cheat, I am sure our own teammate did. 

You might say that the kids are learning and just have a hard time keeping track of their strokes.  Yes, sometimes that might be the case and I realize that.  But that is not what I'm talking about.  I'm referring to the kid who had THIRTEEN STROKES on a hole and then claimed he got a SIX.  Or the kid on our own team who "found his ball in the woods" but was caught dropping a ball TWICE in the same round.  The second time he actually said "I was just kidding!"  It is embarrassing.

It was so bad in one match that the child responsible for keeping the scorecard not only shaved several strokes off of his own score, but when our kids argued that he was miscounting and he eventually agreed, he walked off the green and put a different number on the scorecard.  This equated to NINE strokes less than his twosome deserved (out of six holes played). 

Let's also talk about the behavior of the kids.  It is NEVER acceptable to finish a round and then throw your ball into the woods.  I have witnessed this twice...and both times the parents were there and seemed to think this was okay. Or the constant pounding your club into the ground...if Sophia acted like this I would pull her off the course immediately.   This is not weekend golf, this is representing your school. 

And the parents...some of them are no better!  We are instructed to just watch our children and not coach them at all.  But yet, there are parents who are carrying their children's clubs, giving them GPS yardage, lining up shots for them...it is so hard for someone like me to just shut up.  (For the record, I made sure the scores were changed on the match with the kid who altered the scores.)

What example are parents setting?  These kids clearly do not have integrity at this impressionable age.  These are the same kids who are probably paid to get good grades and good scores.  I just cannot comprehend this thinking, and it makes going to these matches just so nerve-wracking.  I sit in my cart keeping track of everyone's scores just to see how badly the kids will cheat.  How horrible is that?

I know Sophia is not perfect.  But she is not a cheater.  At her match today, the grandfather of her competitor not only acknowledged that the boy she was playing with was indeed cheating, but congratulated us on raising such a classy child.

WIN.  No matter what the score. (She won the foursome though :-)

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