Sunday, 1 March 2015

Back in the Saddle

I really need to get back into my blog.  I have grand plans, of course, but the fact that my laptop screen just died and my Photoshop software is literally 15 years old prevents me from doing much at the moment.  Sadly, I'm borrowing my daughter's laptop, which isn't in much better shape.

So for a little while longer, this blog is going to stay "Sleepless in Singapore" - partly because of my technical issues, and partly because I miss that part of my life and it makes me happy.

I recently decided to start again contributing monetarily to the household.  When I moved overseas, I turned my baby bib and burp cloth business,, over to my mother because it wasn't really a feasible thing to do from there.  So for about three years, I have been thinking about what I would do next. Maybe I was a little bored, maybe I was freaking out about future tuition payments and admittedly maybe I wanted to be able to hit the Lilly Pulitzer section of my local store this spring, but I knew I needed to do something.  Funny how it all started out.

While I was in Singapore, about 18 months ago, my good friend, Shannon West, started selling Rodan + Fields skincare products.  I knew nothing about them, but I knew enough about her to know if she would sell them, then they were worth buying.  At the time, after 40 full years, I still didn't even WASH MY FACE at night.  It wasn't even me wanting to improve my skin.  I just wanted to support Shannon in her venture.  I used to sell "Southern Living at Home" products - not to make money but because I wanted their stuff all over my house!  Once I got what I wanted, I stopped.  But I love when my fellow "stay at home moms" venture out and do something on the side, and I wanted to be supportive.

Well I was in for a little surprise.  I actually LOVED the stuff.  I got hooked, but still never considered the business side of it.  Ironically it took me suggesting the business to another friend to realize "why aren't I doing this?"  I was on vacation in the Outer Banks and found out that one of my best friends, Zareen, also used the products and my other best friend, Whitney, was ordering them while we were there together!  I signed up with Shannon that day.

Multilevel marketing companies get a bad rap.  And I get it.  There are a lot of companies out there who deserve it.  But it's also a wonderful source of income for people like me, people who genuinely believe in what they're selling and find joy in sharing them with other people.  We're not all lunatic cult members intent on only putting bodies on our teams.  Sure, I'd like to sponsor some people, but only if they are excited and I feel I'm ready to support them. 

The WORST part of this job is selling to friends.  And that's pretty much everyone for the time being!  I have no choice but to post on Facebook - I try to stay to a once a week rule, because I am AWARE that it can get so annoying.  I feel so responsible for the happiness of my friends who are nice enough to try these products and I stress about their satisfaction.  Thank you SO much to those that have taken the plunge with me. 

Lastly, I was lucky to be involved in a higher level sponsor qualifying for her Lexus yesterday.  It came down to the wire, and it was an amazing thing to be a part of.  Everyone was so supportive and worked together to help.  It's so nice to again be part of a team and a group of women (and a few men!) who are there for each other and are so invested in each other's success.

So thanks, Shannon.  Two months and I'm excited for the future.  I'm finally making some money again and I think I look younger.  Not much can beat that!

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