Sunday, 20 July 2014

We have rats.

We have rats.  Two of them.  I'm the rat grandmother. 

I thought what you are thinking.  That's disgusting.  OMG why would anyone have rats as pets?  What is wrong with those people?  Yes... I GET IT.  Rats are nasty and ugly and dirty.

But they're actually not.

Here's where the story starts.  You all know by now that Sophia is the animal whisperer.  Cooper channels Steve Jobs and Sophia channels Steve Irwin, it's just the way it always has been and always will be. 

After a trip to a pet store with my parents, Sophia and Cooper came to us with a request for their "own" small animal.  I said "over my dead body".  I remember how many animals my parents let us get with the promise of us taking care of them (at least 4) and I remember how many we actually took care of (ZERO).  So Jason and I told them to research what small animals would be best for our household and how they would care for them and get back to us.  I thought that was it.

Apparently not.

Damn you Stamford American International School for teaching my kids to create really impressive digital presentations. 

Sophia not only researched what I asked but showed us videos on the care and keeping of RATS.  Yes, rats.  They are supposedly the most affectionate and trainable small animal around.  They are actually very clean and smart creatures so I googled and found a RAT BREEDER near our house.  Yes, I just typed rat breeder.  Because I am now crazy.

Long story short (too late), Sadie and Sammie now live at our house in what I named the Ratz Carlton.  They loooooooove Sophia.  Sammie lays on the back of her neck while she watches TV.  Sadie might be the rat agility champion of the world (yes, there is such a thing).  Jason and I don't "like" them but we are coming around and think that they are kind of cute. 

The best part of all of this is that we put Sammie on Jessie's back and she just kept on walking.  If the rats are good enough for our dog, they are good enough for me.  (but if Sophia doesn't take care of them, they are dead rats...just for the record). 

The lifespan of rats is on average only 2.5 years.  Just saying. 

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